Monday morning Aston Villa: Wee Michael Owen and Alan Hutton

Morning all and welcome to the start of a new week and I must apologise for my activity this week and probably my spelling.

It isn´t that I´m away drinking beer, although you wouldn´t be far off the truth, it´s that I´m not going to get as much internet time as I normally would, with me taking a few days off and if by coincidence finding a pub next door to where we are staying.

So, for today we have two rumours. The first one is Michael Owen and if the reports are true, that he´ll take a massive pay cut and accept £70k a week, I think this is a steal.

He scores goals for fun and a season with us, in a season where he is going to want to play so he is in with a chance of going to South Africa, might be exactly what the doctor ordered.

I know there is something wrong by saying ´if he takes a pay cut and takes £70k a week´ but I think it might just be worth the gamble with Owen and if he has a good season and we help him get back into the England team, there could be some value in it, as I suspect as soon as he has had a good season and played in the World Cup, he might very well find he picks up injury after injury again.

Moving on and we have another rumour that we are after Alan Hutton from Spurs. I like him, he is a good defender and I seem to remember we were interested in him before, pretty much as soon as O´Neill became manager, but that could be my memory playing tricks on me.

But he is a right back and I fancy that we´ve got a decent right back and cover, so I´m not convinced.

I will say this; if Michael Owen is willing to accept £70k a week, I wouldn´t be surprised if O´Neill was interested and that there may be some truth in him coming. It all rests on the £70k bit for me.

Right, it is 11.45am here, I´m off to the pub, which lucky for me has wireless internet so I will be watching.

Also and just because it would be helping me out, if any of you have an opinion on Aston Villa, now might be a good time to send it in. You can use the contact form to email me and I´ll tell you how you can get your posts to me.

We will usually publish one in ten that get sent in and please put a little effort on the spelling and try, this part is hard, to be balanced, although regular readers will know I like nothing better than a completely one sided opinion based on nothing other than stubborn belief, but if you have an opinion and you want to get your views out, contact me and while there are no guarantees and we might even edit it, there is a chance you might see it up, just so I can continue with my experiment to see how many beers a human can drink in one week without causing serious liver damage.