Manchester City do not want Gabby but wouldn't £70 million be nice for all three

According to Caught Offside, reports suggest that Manchester City are interested in Gabby. Show me the reports people. The only report I can find if I type 'Man City and Gabby' in at Google is this one on this site and that was picked up at Caught Offside - is it just made up or regurgitated speculation?

Either way - as I said a couple of weeks ago, I wouldn't be that bothered if we sold Gabby. Don't get me wrong, I like the lad and I hope he comes good, but I liked Darius and I hoped he would come good too. You could argue he needs another season but he has played over 150 games in the league and his goal to game ratio isn't nearly as good as it should be for a top Premier League striker.

There, I've said it. I'll get some stick, some will say I am wrong and some will agree. It doesn't matter either way as we will probably never go but I tell you this; if we played The Fonz in 38 games next season, he'd get thirteen goals - maybe even more.

I like Gabby, but how many chances does he need to get? In fact, that isn't really a question, I know how many. You see, this season he scored 13 league goals, last season 12 and the season before that 11. Next season he will score 14 and in seven seasons time he will score 20 for us. We should be able to wait for one of our own to score twenty goals in a league season.

Shocking statement

Either sell him, Webcam and Milner and bring in £70mn if we can, so we can spend another two seasons saying players needs time to settle. Or, if we really do think these players are the future, get a new manager in to try something different.

I could make something up about O'Neill getting spotted in the South of France on holiday or point you to the club site where they have a podcast of Jack Woodywoodwood pleasing himself, but I won't. There is nothing. Silly season hasn't even started, just our expectations that maybe our club was going to do something.

Stephen Warnock has injured himself in training which isn't nice and fortunately we have fallen behind in the race to sign Jermaine Beckford. I've only got two games to watch today, so this is where I leave you for three hours.