Luke Young about to join Liverpool?

I've just got a feeling that this one could happen very soon. Luke Young wants out; he doesn't like the retro football from O'Neill and when you talk publicly against the manager, you do it in the knowledge that your days will then be numbered.

All things point to Liverpool but to be more precise, to Roy Hodgson, who was rumoured to be interested in the player when at Fulham.

The rumour mill also suggests the price is £2.5mn - a lot less than we paid for the player sixty odd games ago and surely a great price for a player Fabio Capello was trying to get out of international retirement just a few months ago.

If true, it is a pity. He had something to offer and is a very good player but for whatever reason Martin O'Neill has made the decision and when he makes those decisions he rarely changes.

Still, we've got King Carlos who can play at right back, Habib Beye and Eric Lichaj and lets not forget we can always put James Milner at right back and the manager has been known to ask Emile Heskey to play in defence. Who needs Luke Young?