Liverpool FC want Ashley Young but they're not the club they once were

Look in the history books and names you've heard before will jump out at you. These are strong names that likely carry a lot of respect and they have carried that respect century after century. I like to think of them as strong names.

You can use the example with football teams also. Manchester United is a great example; as of right now, they could probably get any player they really wanted. Yes, there will be exceptions, but the name Manchester United carries so much weight and respect and they are known as a footballing force.

One club that used to be considered a footballing force, but isn't any longer and might never be again, is Liverpool Football Club and I am bringing them up because there is speculation today that they are interested in Ashley Young.

Liverpool supporters have to come to terms with them not challenging for the league, fighting for a top six place and their best players wanting to leave. What they are going to have to get used to is supporter meetings with board members of the club, good PR and mediocrity.

Ashley Young will be mad to join Liverpool

I write that as bold as I can but there is actually a chance he will. If Martin O'Neill takes over from Roy Hodgson then there is a chance that he'll be after Young. O'Neill called Young 'world class' when manager here, but if that happens and Young leaves for Liverpool, because Martin O'Neill is the manager, it will just serve as confirmation of top six.

Martin O'Neill needs a lot of money, not just huge amounts of cash for this season, but every season. His style of football is one dimensional and without better players every year, Liverpool will stand still and slowly deteriorate as players will get fed up of the long ball and retro football management.

More Sunday speculation

There is another rumour today that we are interested in Pablo Andres Gonzalez who plays for Italian Serie B side Novara. There, I've mentioned it.

Now, it is time for me to start lunch and watch some football at the same time. I love Sunday football so I'm having a bet on Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool to draw.