Links to a new owner of sorts for Aston Villa

It's speculation, but it's worthy of a post because there are a large number of rumours doing the rounds that a consortium want to buy Aston Villa. Where can I throw in my £50?

And yes, it's only a rumour and apparently Tony Adams is involved somewhere but it's lead by former Chelsea Business Affairs Director Paul Smith. And according to the rumour, he's managed to rustle up £150mn for the club. Something, somewhere in this make me start to think.

First, I don't think it's difficult to find that type of money these days but it worries me that it is a group all chipping in. It makes me think that they're only doing it for the money. Do you know what I mean?

Anyway, it's a rumour but apparently it's something that some are taking seriously. Things like this worry me though because if it needs a group to raise that type of money, how many more is it going to need to invest in the playing side of things and if the reports are true, that Tony Adams would be brought in to look after the football side of things, you've got to question the sanity of the group.

Does it have legs, possibly, but is it something that that would be good for Aston Villa, if the driving force in return on investment?