Kerching: Benteke does it again, some rumours and the summer

There is a talk and talk and hope. Benteke did well last night though didn't he. That should put a few million on whatever offers come in for him, if any do.

And we shouldn't pretend that offers wont be coming in for him. Or that he'll not be surprised. I'm sure it will be very hard to say no to some big club. But I really do think Benteke, regardless of what offers come in for him, will be an Aston Villa player next season.

And I think he'll score 30 goals because I think he'll play the whole season like he the one just gone was a warm up. But I'm getting optimistically optimistic and carried away on the drug of summer.

Talking about summer, anyone going to Germany for pre-season? And moving on, we must have some speculation to keep us going.

Aleksander Tonev

Apparently we're after this lad and so are Celtic. I know nothing about the Polish league so I cant comment on his ability, but I can tell you he's 23 years old and is Bulgarian.

I can tell you that he'll probably jump at the chance of a move to us or Celtic and that he plays on the wing and does chip in with the odd goal too.

According to some other sites, we're after Charlie Austin and I can tell you, again from statistics I'm picking up in other places as I don't recall that much about him, that he scores a goal every other game and is a striker. He's also 23 years old. Coincidence?

I don't think the age is a coincidence as I've got this theory on age of player across the squad and that you need to be at a certain average age range to do well. I wont go into too much detail and there is one huge exception, but we need younger players, rather than older. Riddles I tell ya.

Coming soon

So now, the time is here and what do we have to look forward to, other than transfers? Well, the new kit will be coming soon. It will probably, I suspect, have Acorns on the shirt, but you never know.

There is also pre-season and seriously, is anyone going to Germany? And I know I've missed something about the summer so if someone could tell me, that would be great.