John Arne Riise for £8 million and you'd fancy we could get a few for Shorey

It is only a rumour so it gets stuck in the pile of made up stuff and I actually don't believe it anyway, but I'll get to that in a minute, but John Arne Riise would be welcomed at Villa Park.

But it can't happen, not for £8mn and while I know he is only 28 years old we'd be having to pay him around £60k a week, because we all know what he was on at Liverpool and we'd have to pay that over four or five years and a total price of approximately £20mn. for a left back, doesn't make sense.

In fact, while I'd love to see John Arne Riise at Villa Park and we could probably get the £4mn. we paid for Nick Shorey back, the more I think about it, it can't happen at this price.

Maybe if Roma accepted what they paid for Riise then it would all be good, then we can get £4mn. back for Shorey and pay £4mn. for Riise and it is just like a straight swap and I think everyone would be happy with that, but the £12mn. over four years does seem like an awful lot of money, but still, I suppose you've got to be in it to win it and he is a very solid defender.

But, it is just speculation, so remains as pure speculation.