James Milner, the battle for fifth and some right-back rumours

I didn't ask the question in the right way yesterday and I shouldn't have given one of the options, so the results are fairly worthless. I should have asked what you would prefer in terms of tournament silverware; FA Cup, Mickey Mouse Cup or Europa League. The questions should have been asked to supporters, nothing else.

I rushed in and wasn't clear. I didn't keep it simple which is one of the golden rules of one question polls and I knew it. I'll make sure it doesn't happen again.

James Milner

There is some paper talk this morning about the future of James Milner getting sorted out after the World Cup and it depending on Martin O'Neill staying at the club. It was in the Mirror, so yes, I know you are not surprised, but it is rubbish.

The future of James Milner doesn't depend on Martin O'Neill. However, if Martin O'Neill does jump ship, for what ever reason, or is pushed, it actually depends on the manager that replaces Martin O'Neill. It actually depends on Randy Lerner.

If he appoints Iain Dowie, sure, you can understand any player wanting to leave, but you never know, he might very well appoint someone that the players want to play for.

Some real clarification on this would be handy and like Andy Gray says, the speculation will not go away until we get it and it not coming, to an extent, is only fuelling the talk that players might leave and the future of O'Neill.

Thursday Rumours

Apparently we are 'keeping tabs' on PSV Eindhoven right-back Stanislav Manolev and this would actually make sense because for some reason, the manager doesn't seem to like the two right-backs he has at the club or the one that he has out on loan that did really well at the Peace Cup last year.

It would also, by my reasoning, make sense that Martin O'Neill is interested in Cardiff City right-back Adam Matthews, simply because he is interested in a right-back.

The battle for fifth

But, we turn to Saturday - it is an important match and one I believe we must win to have a chance for fifth. Match preview tomorrow and betting odds.

Before I go, I just want to add I'm quite glad Inter did the business last night - it makes for a more interesting final and I'm looking forward to the matches tonight. In an ideal world I'd like to see Fulham and Atletico Madrid go through and you'll get 10/1 on both of them winning tonight at Paddypower.