James Milner off to Manchester United?

This is getting filed under speculation, but I've just heard James Milner might be off to Manchester United and Martin O'Neill isn't happy and that this is the reason for these rumours surrounding Martin O'Neill resigning.

Now, this was on TalkSport and the person that has just said it confirmed he found this out after doing a bit of digging around.

Things to factor in when deciding if there is any credibility to this rumour; it was TalkSport. Okay, not things, thing, but could there be any truth in it?

Milner has had a much better season playing in the middle and Capello confirmed today that he would be going to South Africa and he is young, so plenty of room for development. Also, if Manchester United came knocking, there are not many players that would turn them down.

Collymore confirmed earlier that O'Neill isn't going anywhere and the reporter from TalkSport that brought up this Milner to United thing also suggested that O'Neill wasn't happy because he might not be getting the money from the sale to strengthen the squad.

TalkSport have also just confirmed that O'Neill didn't want to sell Gardner in January without having a replacement, but his hand was forced. The words the radio guy is using to describe Martin O'Neill at the moment is 'down' - none of this sounds good does it?

I'll leave this with you - but I've just heard it with my own ears, but it would surprise me if Milner left. Would be nice to hear something from the club too.