I hate speculation, but the John McGinn rumour deserves a post

Some things warrant turning on the laptop and writing a post. The speculation today that Manchester United are going to make a bid for John McGinn is one. And I can see why they would want to, we all can. But will it happen? I don't think so.

McGinn is loved at Aston Villa and I think he also likes it here. Sure, Manchester United are a bigger Club, but they've entered that period that Liverpool are just getting out of. Manchester United are not going to be the Manchester United of old for a long time, if ever again.

So why would he go to a Club that are not going to compete and where he might not play, when he can stay at a Club where he's not going to compete, play every week and be loved? Money you say and yes, they can pay more. But he's going to get a pay rise now we're in the Premier League, probably a new contract and how much money does he actually need?

He can sign for five years with us now and bank over £20mn and sure, that might not sound much when some players at Manchester United are earning that every couple of years, but think about it. He is effectively set for life and that type of money means he will never have to worry. What really is the difference between £20mn and £60mn? Does it mean you can't hire the private jet to take your friends on holiday or you can't have the holiday home somewhere nice and warm or you children can't go that new private school?

No, he is all good and football has just reached a point where the pay is silly and when you're earning what Aston Villa players are earning now, other things become equally as important. And I think most modern day footballers understand that now. I think John McGinn, who comes from a footballing family probably understands this.

And money aside, I've got to hold my hands up and tell you that I'm surprised that Ole Gunnar Solskjær is still the Manchester United manager and I think many in football are. Sure, it might turn out to be the right choice, but his record doesn't suggest it will be. There was the bounce when he came in, but anyone could have bounced Manchester United after they sacked Mourinho.

It was his failure to keep it going that shows his failings as a manager. And some might say that they don't have the players or squad. But that's rubbish. That they did so well when he came in shows that they have the players. It was that he as manager couldn't keep it going is why many are surprised he is still there.

Sir Alex could walk back into that dressing room with the current squad and finish top two next season. Let him bring in one player now and one in January and I fancy he could win the League. The manager is the most important person at a Football Club and that is why John McGinn wont be going. It's why also Manchester United are going to be in the wilderness for a few more seasons.

And just in passing. Manchester United would need to offer a lot more than £50mn for McGinn and that they are only offering £50mn is a clear enough signal that he isn't someone they see starting. It's also a clear signal that the owners and CEO are not fully backing the current manager.

In other news

I see the owners purchased Villa Park and put it into a separate business. I see some are worried about that. It's just smart. They always owned it, it was just a way of getting money into the Club. I've also seen talk of us going after keepers from all over the place. Do we need a new keeper, really?

And if I'm not mistaken, the players are back next week. This is when it starts again. It's also when I think we are going to start to see some new players coming in. It's going to be fun. Now back to your Sunday and look forward to John McGinn in a Villa shirt next season.