Has Martin O'Neill gone mad? Titus Bramble for money plus a player

Yes, it is only speculation but stop for one second and think about it. He is English and a former U21 player and when he started out in his career was considered a bright prospect. Would you really be surprised if he arrived?

I wouldn't be, but it would be a waste of the £3.5mn. the Daily Star is saying and Barry Bannan. In fact, if this happened, it would be a nail in the coffin for the manager because Titus Bramble is useless and we had better in two players the manager allowed to leave.

Actually, while this is just a rumour it can't be true. Bramble joined Wigan in June 2007 on a free transfer and his contract is up next year. Any manager that paid £3.5mn. for a player like Bramble, entering his last year would only be proving that he doesn't know what he is doing and while we all accept Martin O'Neill is slow, he isn't stupid.

I can tell you what will happen if we sign more players like Harewood and that is we will end up as a mid table team with O'Neill and we will win the odd League Cup. Actually, you don't need me to tell you more, you know the rest. We are also still one of five clubs not to make a signing and while I'm convinced it is because Ellis Lerner hasn't given him a very big budget to bring players in, this lack of activity does make me question O'Neill.

I don't want to question O'Neill either as I believe he will get us where we need to be, but when I think about that and look for evidence, there isn't any. What has O'Neill achieved in his career that Gordon Strachan hasn't? Would you want Gordon Strachan to manage our club?

Before I go and I'm actually coming back to add this, there is a rumour we are interested in DJ Stewart Downing again. I can't say enough that this would be a mistake in my opinion. He isn't actually that good and while you might get a few good games a season, we've got other players that do that. Hell, even Milner has the potential to put in two or three man of hte match performances next season.

DJ Stewart Downing is overrated and not really very good. Let Spurs have him, we don't want another average player. We want proven quality.

Right, another short post this morning because well, there isn't much else, but I do have a request. The comment section is starting to get a little, how can I say this, age restrictive. I can't stop you writing certain words and I know they'll be heard at a football ground, but some read this that don't go to the football matches and some of the language is getting a little rated.

If anything else does happen today, as in we sign a player, I'll be back, but for now, it is breakfast time. Up the Villa.