Gaz Baz and Liverpool, Micah Richards, Brede Hangeland and the Europa LDV Tournament for next season

Have you seen our new search facility to the right? You can search this site or, if you prefer, you can search the web using Google - I just think it's very funky and the site search actually picks up all your words so you don't even have to put in an exact phrase.

I'm also thinking about re-thinking the forum aspect of the site, but that will probably be for later in the month, there will be more new stuff added to the site over the next few days. But that is the site, onto the gossip.

I say gossip, because that is all we've got today from the papers, but we do have Martin O'Neill talking about the Europa LDV League, which sort of puts me in a good mood, because I'm looking for positives and I'm feeling all positive, but straight to the speculation.

First off is that Red Rafa is prepared to sell Xabi Alonso so he can get Gareth Barry. How about we swap? I think most would be happy with that, Alonso has had a fantastic season. This little snippet was on the Mail Online website where they later go to write: With Aston Villa's hopes of playing in the Champions League next season virtually over, Barry is determined to get his dream move to Anfield this summer.

See where I'm going with this? Mail Online author Joe Bernstein probably just wanted copy so took something from earlier in the week or earlier last month and copied it in, because had he done his homework, he'd know there is no 'virtually' in it, it's actually impossible. We've got 12 points to play for and we are thirteen behind Arsenal. It sort of destroys all credibility in the brand doesn't it.

Moving on, because that rag does wind me up, especially that brand they're creating; the hatchet man, to Micah Richards and apparently, according to the Sunday Mirror we are after him and according to the News of the World they're willing to let him go. Now, I quite like Richards, but I'm not convinced of him, do you know what I mean?

Last rumour of the day is once again from the News of the World and we're apparently going to bid £10mn. for Brede Hangeland of Fulham. Now, that is probably what we'd have to pay for Richards, if not a little more, and if I had to pick from the two I know who I'd pick; I'd go with the experience of Hangeland because like I said above, I'm not convinced with Richards for some reason. Hangeland on the other hand, I seem to remember, comes across as a solid centre back.

So, rumours out of the way, onto our manager. Now, you all know I was excited with the UEFA Cup this season and that I was very disappointed with us giving up in Moscow - a huge mistake in my opinion and one that will not be forgotten, but now the manager is talking about Europe again for next season and I know he's not trying to mug us off, so surely, he's going to give it a proper go this time?

You always sit down and analyse the season that has just gone on and you can learn from it. We battled all summer to get into the UEFA Cup and then in February we had to make decisions in the manner which we did. Things like that we would hope to be able to learn from.
Martin O'Neill, April 31st 2009

Now, I know one or two of you will tell me I'm living in cloud cuckoo land, but to me, the manager is basically saying we're not going to make the same mistakes again. Which then leads me to believe that we're going to have a bigger squad which then leads me to believe that he's going to get in quality, because if Martin O'Neill wanted a bigger squad he could just add to it, but he hasn't.

I know I'm hoping for a little too much, but that is all I've got now, hope. We need to add some real quality to the side and not just numbers and I fancy we're going to do it. O'Neill isn't going mug us off next season, he's going to spend, I'm predicting a big summer.

Almost forgot; come on Reading!