First proper Aston Villa signing of the summer about to happen?

There is a rumour doing the rounds that Aston Villa are about to make a signing. Want me to tell you who?

I will tell you, but I´m going to milk it for a few seconds. First I want to tell you that you can put this one down to Facebook and mathematics. I also shouldn´t forget AVillaFan, who are running with the story.

The player is Kyle Naughton. He currently plays for Sheffield United, is 20 years old and plays at right back or, on occasion, he has played as a right sided winger.

Now, I say he would be the first proper signing but we did bring in an 11 year old yesterday or the day before, but this lad plays at a decent level and has promise. Some might actually say real promise and although I can´t admit to seeing much of him, I am very intrigued.

If he is half as good as some have said and he does live up to that promise, it will be a good signing. All that would then be needed is Martin O´Neill to bring in some players of real proven quality, better than we already have and we will be on the right track.

No doubt we will find out tomorrow or the next day as the talk is, it is O´Neill tonight and medical tomorrow, but for now, it remains as speculation, but if it is true, expect his Facebook comments to end, as the club don´t like players communicating without their approval.

But before I go, there is also talk that 19 year old Daniel Sturridge is on the verge of signing too, but again, it is just speculation at this stage and seeing as he is a local lad, he could just have been spotted in town doing a bit of shopping. Don´t shoot me.