Emile Heskey: Will he stay or will he go?

Now, just for today, you are the manager and you've woken up this morning to find two faxes, because that is how they do it, asking about the availability of one of your players. The player is Emile Heskey and the faxes are from Liverpool and Chelsea.

So, your job today is to come up with a price and let the two clubs know. Now, you don't want him to go but you know that they are serious and you also have our eye on that 18 year old playing in Scotland that could be the next Emile Heskey, so raising a few quid might help.

What are you going to want for Emile Heskey and surely, if the figure is around £5mn it is a steal and something you should be more than willing to accept?

This is just speculation but there is no smoke without fire and O'Neill can price Heskey out of a move, but should he? I think, if you can make a profit on the player then you've got to sell. I think if you could get £3mn for the player it would be very difficult to say no. I think O'Neill will hold out and will have his figure and I don't think it will be too unrealistic.

We will find out fairly soon. Chelsea apparently are interested to have someone fill in while Drogba is away and Liverpool are very desperate and well, we sort of know that January is an important month for them.

Lastly today, O'Neill spoke yesterday of potential signings in January. Now, I didn't hear the interview, so it might not have happened and I might have imagined someone commenting on it, but didn't he recently say that there would be no signings in January?

Either way, if he did say something about signings yesterday, it sounds like he has either convinced Lerner to provide funds or Lerner has called him up and made funds available. Now, we just have to hope it is enough. Like the Heskey story, I think we will find out fairly soon.

Martin O'Neill
I don't know why Emile's name has been brought up but I wouldn't really want to sell players at this club. We are hoping to get a couple of players in because it is a long season ahead of us.

Emile Heskey leaving; if I had to put a bet on this happening or not, I'd put my money on it happening. Out of five, I'd say this is a three. It will come down to how much money is offered.

So, that is is for Sunday. Tomorrow is four days into the transfer window and I fancy there will be something happening. Should make it a fairly interesting week, but for now, it is time for an early lunch.

Sunday UpdatesIt turns out, if Liverpool can not have Heskey for whatever reason, then they are going to show an interest in John Carew. If I had to give this rumour a rating, I'd give it a one or a two out of five.