David Wheater for £8 million because Paul Scharner says no

Could it be that the summer is starting to get a little lively? I'm not convinced, but it does take Martin O'Neill standing in front of a camera with a player next to him holding up the shirt for me to be convinced, although I must say I love the banter that comes along with a little player speculation.

Well, we've had the Ashley Young speculation already today so it is now time to focus on players that might be coming in and one of them is David Wheater, if you believe the tabloid press and you know what, I'm not believing this one or actually that should be, I don't want to believe this one.

Yes, we need another central defender but isn't Wheater just going to be another Cueller or Davies? Didn't we pay £8mn. for Davies and almost £8mn. for Cueller, I think we did. My point is, I think we've got our two central defenders in those two and I think we should give them a chance, a proper run to forge a relationship, much like Vidic was given a proper chance to develop his relationship with Ferdinand. Otherwise, go all out and get a proven central defender that will really make an impact and not someone we have to 'hope' is going to come good.

We've all seen Cueller and Davies play together and they haven't performed as well as expected, but neither did Ferdinand and Vidic in the beginning, but Sir Alex stood by them and it's turned out good. It could turn out good for those two too. Everything is possible but saying that, we do need a fourth central defender so why not. Competition is good after all. 

It's not that I'm indecisive today, it's that I don't want to get too excited by a central defender so if it turns out that we spend another £8mn. on one, I'm not going to get my hopes up.

I want to get excited by the next winger, striker or attacking central midfielder and I know all the best teams are built from the back, but I just think we are in more desperate need elsewhere.

Bottom line, Wheater would be a decent signing and welcomed and we are going after him because Paul Scharner didn't want to come and play in central defence. Well according to his agent anyway.

Valentin Hobel
Aston Villa wanted him as a defender and that is why they are no longer an option.

Every player has the right to say yes or no and I have no real opinion on Scharner, so we'll leave that where it is, but it does signal that work is going on, even though we probably don't want to hear that players like Scharner are our first choice and they don't even want to come. Still, he might not have been first choice, all I'm doing is putting two and two together.

That is almost it for me today, I'm going to go wash the car and with a bit of luck enjoy a pizza and a beer tonight with a good film.