Curtis, Young and Carew off, Matthews coming in and news on Milner soon

Fifteen more days and the speculation stops for a month. It will stop when the World Cup starts, I'm convinced of it and I'm also convinced we will hear something on the James Milner thing soon as I don't think anyone, the player included, wants this to drag on.

But today, we have rumour after rumour and it is mostly players leaving. First is Curtis is wanted by Spurs and Liverpool, then we have Carew wanted by two teams in Italy and Luke Young is wanted by West Ham and while nobody is saying it is to incentivise them to let us have Parker, I'm sure that will come out later.

We do have a player or two coming to us though, if all the speculation is to be believed. First up; Bobby Zamora to replace Carew and the other one finished the season at Celtic and only got a disappointing 37 goals in his half season. We don't need to go over old ground, but we will.

The other player coming to us, replacing the West Ham bound Luke Young, is Adam Matthews from Cardiff. Now, what I know about Adam Matthews is about as much as the average man knows about quantum mechanics. I can tell you that his surname has eight letters, he plays at right back, that is first name has half the letters as his surname and that Mark Delaney will have an opinion on him if he signs.

I don't like Mark Delaney. Used to, but the laughing and joking with a West Brom player after we conceded an equaliser just moments before put me off him. I was gutted and I wasn't getting paid what he was getting paid. Still, that was then. This is now.

As for Carew leaving; let him. We have seen the best of Carew and if he stays it is only going to become painful for him and us. If he leaves now, he leaves on fantastic terms and if he ever returns, he returns a hero and if we can get some cash, it will mean the manager has something to spend.

Curtis Davies on the other hand is an asset and we really shouldn't be letting him go - but we sort of all know it is happening. It might not come back to haunt us but you have to wonder why two teams that are likely to finish higher than us next season are interested in him and our manager will possibly let this happen.

Right, that is a lid, for now as there really isn't anything else. I'm going to go watch some football and then I'm going to score the players out of ten. Some company saw fit to pay me to do this - absolutely amazing.