Craig Gardner set to leave Aston Villa for Birmingham City

This isn't yet a done deal, but the talk is it will be completed this week and I for one am actually a little unhappy at the prospect of Craig Gardner leaving and also a little annoyed that he is joining The Clowns.

The thing is, you can understand him wanting to leave. He isn't getting a look in and has never had a proper run in his preferred position under O'Neill and you can't say he hasn't waited around for it and given O'Neill the opportunities to play him.

Craig Gardner Aston Villa

The fact is we have had an offer from The Clowns but it isn't enough. The talk is The Clowns want him and they are about to come in with another offer and that Gardner wants the move. If the talk is true, then it really is only a matter of time before the move happens, as sort of predicted at the start of the month.

So, it doesn't seem fair and you can't blame Gardner for wanting to leave but you could ask him why he is joining them, but it could be that they are the only club in for him. There was talk recently that Wolves had shown interest so maybe he is going where the money is and again, could he really be blamed for that?

At the same time, you can sort of understand why we are selling him if we are going to get upwards of £4mn for him but if he never really got the chance, are we sure Delph will and what example does it set the other youngsters?

It's a nothing thing and I'm thinking too much, but I've always like Gardner and always had high hopes and when he has played in his preferred position, I was always happy and give me the choice of Sidwell or Gardner - I'd pick Gardner every time and I am actually a Sidwell fan.

So, this is speculation and as such it gets filed as such, but if it goes through and Gardner plays for them one day at Villa Park, I hope he gets a good reception, as this very much appears to be a last resort for him and I have a feeling it wouldn't have been an easy decision. To top it off, he will always be an Aston Villa supporter and as such, I think he should be treated as one on his return, again, if this happens.