Cocaine, a field at 4am and more speculation about the sale of Aston Villa

This is a 4am, way out in the middle of a field thought, but could all this talk of a sale just be club PR? I wouldn't put it past them to think something up to throw us off something or to sell something and I know it's a mad suggestion and I might just leave it now.

Ah, I can't. Because I'm not saying it is club PR, but I don't trust the people at the club and even a small part of me thinks we're the club at the centre of this cocaine story that came out on Saturday and Lerner coming out twice in one week to talk to us, is about something else.

I mean, this is the club that paid a pensioner to visit forums and talk to supporters and when he couldn't do that, for whatever reason, the club paid someone else to do it and act as him.

And Lerner never talks and let's be honest, what is going to get us talking about something else other than the cocaine story, two suspensions and a boardroom full of coke? That's it, a sale and we all know Lerner has lost interest and will sell if he's making money or not losing anymore.

Stranger things have happened

So, that started off strange and the reason I bring this all up again is because apparently, there the two Texans that were interested in buying Aston Villa, if we stayed up, but they never signed the paperwork and because of that, there is now somebody else at the table offering more money. Apparently.

And, if speculation is to be believed, his name has been mentioned in the past. But I have no idea what names have been mentioned so lets just throw some names out into the internet; Bill Gates, Jesus, Tony Blair, David Beckham, John Smith, Carlsberg, Nintendo and Mario. So now, it could now be any of them. Again, I want to stress that this isn't me, this is the Bells Are Ringing Forum and someone that goes by the username Admin.

It's the two Texans I feel sorry for

And for the record, a small part of me believes the forum, because last December someone told me the club was for sale and I tweeted as much. But if the Texans really wanted it and it was on the basis that the club remained in the Premier League, surely papers could be signed and voided if the club were relegated. I mean, I'm not a lawyer, but that makes sense to me.

But again, I want to believe. Lerner knows little about the sport and Faulkner about the same. Right now, we're a rudderless ship and we need someone with some experience, knowledge of Aston Villa and most importantly a desire for success. So, to get those, if I have to feed the sale speculation to keep my happy, that is what I'll do.

It now feels like 4.30am in that field and I've got funny feeling in my legs.