Carles Gil a done deal apparently and I'm looking forward

Carles Gil is a player not many of us would have heard of a few days ago and you can count me in with that list and because he's from Spain and attacking midfielder and young, I'm excited and happy. More so, because if you believe what you read on Twitter and we all believe what we read on the internet, then it's a done deal.

And this isn't me believing what an 'in the know' agent hiding behind a made up name is saying, this is none other than Guillem Balague and we all know who he is. Okay, maybe you don't, but he knows his Spanish football.

Okay and I'm excited because we've been keeping the ball of late but we've been unable to create anything going forward and apparently this is what Gil, or Carles Gil de Pareja Vicent to use his full name, does best. But we do need one more player to support him, he can't do it all.

And it feels good too. Defensively, with Okore and Clark, we look very solid, not to mention Hutton and Cissokho and in midfield, we've got players that can run and run and are very good at tracking back and breaking things up. We're just lacking the key to unlock all the hard work. And I'm not saying this will be the player, I'm saying I hope he could be part of what does. But what does surprise me is that we found him. Where is our connection with Valencia or Spain?


And on this, I'm off for an early bath, but this looks like it could be done but if it isn't, don't blame me. The internet told me.