Bids and rumours: Younès Belhanda

I'm taking a few days off of work and while sitting here in the sun I'm getting alerts and emails about bids and rumours. It always happens when I go away for a few days.

First up, we've apparently made a bid for Younès Belhanda who according to Wiki is described as a player who possesses "vision, technique and intelligent decision-making". Nice. And the rumour of a bid is a fairly decent source, the President of his current club, Montpellier chairman Louis Nicollin.

If you don't like those apples then apples are not for you. But does anyone know much about him? Me, I'm starting to like surprises so if it happens and he wants to come, it will be interesting to see, although I'm sure at some stage today I'll pop in to YouTube for a little look.

I also take what Wiki says with a pinch of salt, but it did sound nice didn't it.

In other football news

Touching on a few other things today, because there are other things happening, Mourinho is back at Chelsea and Martinez looks set to take over at Everton.

I'm not sure any of these are as exciting as we will be led to believe. Martinez will transform Everton, from a club on the cusp, to a club that plays three central defenders and leaks goals. Everton could be the new Aston Villa next season.

As for Jose, well, they do say you should never go back and we all know it will the Lampard and Terry show again and the irony is, that could set them up for this season, especially as Manchester City and Manchester United have new managers. But for the long term, I cant see Mourinho there for too much time.

But that is just me. The interesting things are always claret and blue, but there isn't much happening in that regard, hence the mention of those two above.

But I do think things will happen quickly. That should read hope, but in this game, we never know what is going to happen and sometimes the biggest surprises come when least expected.