Brazilian interests Houllier and more speculation

There is a rumour doing the rounds that Gerard Houllier is about to offer a six month contract to 89 year-old former Brazilian international Juninho Pernambucano.

This is wrong and I hope it doesn't happen. It isn't a huge mistake and Juninho is an attacking midfielder and if it was true, it would fit in with the manager finding a temporary replacement until waiting for the summer, should Ashley Young leave or the manager deciding Webcam isn't actually the man.

It is however, still a mistake, because we have players that can play this position that deserve a chance. Rather than bring in new players for six months, the manager should concentrate on the football.

This is, after all, the managers transitional season and if this rumour turns out to be true and actually happens, it just goes to show that instead of giving chances, he wants to bring in his own players and then we are in that horrible circle of it not really happening again and potentially losing some of the best talent this club has seen in years.

Houllier will not get another season like this one and while there is no doubting Juninho was a great player in his day, so was Gary McAllister and so was Robbie Fowler, but I hope it doesn't mean he wants to put them both on the pitch again.

Curtis Davies can still do a job for Aston Villa

In more Monday speculation, we are apparently interested in Middlesbrough central defender David Wheater and again, this gets me thinking; what about the central defenders at the club that deserve a chance.

Wheater, while a decent central defender and only 23 years old, is no better than James Collins or Richard Dunne and not as good as Carlos Cuellar and I still rate Curtis Davies, but I know at the moment I'm in the minority on that one.

There is also Ciaran Clark and do I have to go on? I'm leaving this David Wheater rumour where I think it should be left, in the bin.

It is just speculation

I know, it means nothing and this is not likely to happen, but it does worry me and I know it shouldn't, but it does, because we do have a huge amount of talent at the club that need to be given opportunities.

Rather than bring in players to replace what we have, Houllier needs to spend more time with the younger players and have a little more faith. He needs to take a leap of faith, much like we are with him.