Aston Villa leading the chase for Miguel, a new right back

You've got to wonder where the papers get these rumours, but the one today is that we are after a new right back and that we are leading the chase. His name is Miguel and this isn't the first time we've 'led the chase'.

For those that don't know, Miguel is 29 years old, is a right back, so plays where Luke Young plays, where Habib Beye plays and where Carlos Cueller and James Milner have has done a very decent job as cover this season, so naturally, we are desperate for him to come.

We actually might be. Is Luke Young Happy? I suspect Habib Beye isn't and Carlos Cueller isn't a natural right back so there is every chance that a right back would be needed, but this was found in The Sun, and it really isn't even the second time his name has come up.

Martin O'Neill has someone in Portugal. Okay, I'm not sure of that, but we have been linked to players in Portugal almost since the day O'Neill arrived and we were extremely interested in Bosingwa some time before he went to Chelsea, but we hesitated on price, which was a lot cheaper than the amount Chelsea finally paid.

So, there could be something in this, but take it with a pinch of salt for now, because for the first time since O'Neill has been manager, right back is a position that is well and truly covered.

Right, first post of the day and I think today is going to be a busy day, so probably something later.