Aston Villa chase Robbie Keane and Hugo Rodallega and tables this season and last

Someone sent me a spreadsheet earlier this week showing games played this season against the same teams last season. Yes, I know we have done this to death and it's not exactly news, but we are still doing better than last season.

The reason I've not put it up is simply because you've had it before and I don't think you are going to appreciate something regurgitated just for a blog post. Yes, it's nice to know, so I've said it, but it doesn't really matter what happened last season, much like we don't take much notice that after 28 games last season we were three points better off.

The only thing that matters now is where we finish the season. To continue looking for hope is desperate. We don't need to continue looking for reasons why we will finish 4th, 5th or 6th. We have ten games to go - actions.

Anyway, the spreadsheet is nice but the only table that matters is the league table and we need to beat Wolves at the weekend - because by the time 3pm comes around, we could be fourth after scoring a few past a Mad Mick side that is going to stick five in the middle and play counter attacking football.


But, I got that out of the way and we have confirmed that you are not stupid and that you value original opinion, which is nice. Now we move to the rumours.

The first one is that we are willing to pay £9mn for Robbie Keane. I like Robbie Keane but I can't see this happening, only because he is going to be 30 by the time next season starts and while a Robbie Keane type player aged 24 years old is easily worth £20mn, a 30 year old Robbie Keane isn't worth £9mn. I can imagine the statement from the player though if he were to sign.

Robbie Keane statement should he sign for Aston Villa
As a kid growing up in the back streets of Dublin I used to pretend I was playing for Aston Villa in the European Cup final with my mates out on the streets and now I will be doing it for real.

The other rumour, if the £9mn one for Robbie Keane wasn't enough, is that we are willing to pay £15mn for Hugo Rodallega. This one got me thinking. Throughout his career he has scored goals but has struggled at Wigan and those of you that have visited Wigan will understand why someone could be forgiven for struggling at Wigan.

However, £15mn is a lot of money for a player that has struggled in the Premier League, so if I had to score this rumour, specifically focusing on the amount, as it wouldn't surprise me if O'Neill was interested, I'd give it a two. Put that figure closer to £7mn and I'd rate this rumour a four.

Right - I'm off. Forget about where we were last season or who we played last season and who replaces Wolves because they were not in the league - it doesn't matter. We will win on Saturday and then, we will have exactly the same amount of points that we had after 29 games last season.

Video of the Day

Don't ask me why I'm doing this but I heard this song earlier on the radio - so I'm doing {rokbox title=|Womack & Womack :: Aston Villa Blog Video of the Day| text=|a video of the day and might even do it every day|size=|640 505| album=|demo|}{/rokbox} although most already know it isn't going to happen.