Ashley Young off to North London: Spurs or Arsenal?

This is just speculation and seeing as the player himself has spoken out about his love for Aston Villa, can I suggest that this is confined to the trash? After all if you can not take a man on his word, what else is left?

Ashley Young is staying at Aston Villa, he told us so

However, it would be wrong of me to not comment and the cynic in me thinks that it doesn't matter what a player says, as more often than not they have no connection to the club and they really are only interested in what they can get out of it. But I do hope I'm wrong about Ashley Young.

Ashley Young, October 30th 2010
There's nothing about me departing. All I'm doing is concentrating on my football. I don't want to be distracted by anything else. I've not said I'm leaving and I'm not taking my focus off football. They don't need to worry about anything with me.

Like I say, I hope I am wrong and if it was Marc Albrighton or Barry Bannan or any other player from our Academy, then I'd have no hesitation in believing them and taking absolutely everything they said as the absolute truth and no bible would be needed, but if I'm honest with myself, I'm a little sceptical of what Ashley Young has said, because signing a contract isn't that difficult, if there really is nothing to worry about.

But I hope Webcam will look around and figure out that sometimes things don't always work out how we would like. It won't be long before James Milner is considered just a bench player at Manchester City and struggling to get into the England side and while he might be earning more money, surely if you can take home three or four million a year with Aston Villa, that is enough.

It comes down to what matters

Is it just about money or is it about football? Is it about playing for England and if it is, shouldn't there be some loyalty to the club that got you into the England squad?

Like I said, this is just speculation and the speculation focuses on interest from Arsenal and Spurs and the more I think about it, the more I think the player is either using that interest to get his wage increased or he does want off.

I mean, if you don't have time to sign a piece of paper and commit to earning three or four million (probably more) every year, you really shouldn't have time to be out in Manchester at 2.30am on a Sunday night.

If Ashley Young is committed to Aston Villa, he will sign a contract and stop this game, much sooner rather than later.