Are the new owners of Aston Villa Ray Davis and Bob Simpson from Texas?

I'm not one for posting wild speculation all the time, but we sort of know that Lerner wants to sell the club and there has been a lot of speculation of late that it's going to happen quite soon. In fact, the rumour is that if we stay up the deal is going to get done.

Well, the rumour today is that if we stay up the new owners will be Ray Davis and Bob Simpson who also own the Texas Rangers baseball team.

Now, let's get a few things straight. This is coming from The Bells Are Ringing forum and this isn't me passing off responsibility, this is me saying they've only been around a little while, but they've been spot on with some things already, so it's a relatively trustworthy source.

Who their source is though, nobody knows. A small percentage of me suspects it is club PR because not many people are going to know this information and an even smaller part of me suspects Paul Faulkner is at the centre of this scandal that broke on Saturday and was very quickly forgotten when Lerner made his second statement of the week.

But it's probably neither of them, it's probably someone else. But the source has to be very, very high up and for them to go public with this, it must be golden. So, take this as you will, but according to the rumours, they are the new owners ... if we stay in the Premier League.

But I will say this, after doing a little digging, I can confirm that traffic from Houston in Texas has increased quite a lot this year. I'm not sure if that is where they are based or where they have offices, but the number is five times any other location in Texas. Coincidence?

Actions speak louder than words

And if it is them, we should tread carefully. When Lerner came in, I tried to tell anyone that would listen, that he was here for the cash. These two are businessmen and they're also coming for the cash. But they also know, like Lerner did, that financial success of a football team in the Premier League, can be directly linked to the success on the pitch.

This isn't going to be a play thing like it is for the owners of Manchester City or Chelsea. This is going to be about making Aston Villa great again. And to make this happen, they're going to have to change a lot of things. First thing they're going to have to do is create a culture of believing we can be great again and that isn't going to be easy.

Hopefully though, we'll see these things happen and not just be told. Hopefully also, they don't try to spin us with PR and they, what do they say in old cowboy films; shoot from the hip. Honesty with ambition is truly going to be the best policy, if these two are the new owners.