Antonio Luna deal close?

According to Marca we've agreed a deal to sign left back Antonio Luna from Sevilla for €2,000,000 while he gets paid €1,700,000 over three years, or to be a little more specific, just over €10,000 a week or £8,500 per week in proper money.

Naturally, if he has a good season his profile will raise and then he will be rewarded. It's a sort of incentive to prove your worth and players that are willing to take it are the right type of player. In my opinion anyway and hell, €1,000,000 take home for three years work isn't that bad is it?

But it is just speculation so for now, let's just leave it at that. And before I forget, he's a left back and 22 years old and if true, I sort of feel sorry for Joe Bennett, but that's just me.

Antonio Luna for Aston Villa