All quiet on the Aston Villa front

There really is very little going on which is the reason why there is nothing posted - I just wanted to say that so you didn't think I had forgotten you.

However, we could post three times a day with rumour and speculation, but you lot are too smart for that and this isn't the Mirror.

But sometimes we do need a fix and with nothing else to write about just yet, we are going to delve into the filthy barrel that is the tabloid press, although it is hardly anything to get excited about.

Steve Sidwell will not be moving to Fulham but Mark Hughes is going to take Luke Young - all speculation but it makes sense.

The money we get for Young will then be used to reduce the debt or enable O'Neill to bring someone else in - it depends on the source.

Still no closer to seeing Milner leave but we fancy it will happen soon.

That is it - there is nothing else. If you hear something by all means comment below, but for now, I'm off for a walk.