A rumour, something from Martin O'Neill and another short day

Another short one from me today and thank you for the comments and emails, all much appreciated. As for Aston Villa, it is back to business as normal from tomorrow.

For today however, we have a rumour that has floated around now for a few days but has appeared in a national paper now, which used to mean there was something in it, although I'm not convinced anymore.

The rumour is we are trailing Feyenoord’s Holland Under-21 midfielder Jonathan De Guzman who is out of contract at the end of the season and in six starts so far has scored three goals this season.

There is also the mention that he is rated at £5mn, but if his contract is over at the end of this season, I suspect it will be a lot less in January and very much up to the player as to where he wants to go, as in, who is paying him the most or who he wants to play for.

Martin O'Neill on mew Premier League rules

We should be fine. I haven't checked it thoroughly through but that's my understanding. I went to a meeting before the season started with referees, managers and Premier League representatives. Mr Scudamore was there and he was talking about this.

I feel the Premier League are pre-empting UEFA and FIFA legislation. The idea is obviously for more homegrown players to come in. You can have a lot of arguments and debates about it but if that's what's been accepted, I feel Villa are well covered.

Marc Albrighton

Before I go, the last rumour of the day, for now anyway; Marc Albrighton is to go out on loan for a month at Nottingham Forest.

This would be good for the player, who is right behind James Milner at the moment for a place in the team but with Milner looking fit and like a player that doesn't get injured too often, I think regular football for Marc would be the right move.

Right, back in a bit, up the Villa. Yes, I am in a hurry and I am also apologising now for my spelling mistakes, they will get fixed later.