A central defender and a striker on the Aston Villa rumour front

They call this the business end of the season and right about now our business is now positioned right at the very end of the High Street where the traffic is either walking past to get to the big shops or walking past going home after spending all the cash.

However, while our season is not technically over, we do know exactly where we are going to finish and what we have gotten out of it and it's not actually that bad, in fact, now I've had time to look back, which I'd normally do in the summer, it was a fairly satisfying season, despite the horrible dip in form, if we take where we finish the season.

But, while the season isn't technically over, it is really, so we have rumours to look forward to and we have two new ones today.

First up is Marseille central defender Gael Givet, currently on loan at Blackburn Rovers. Rumour has it the French team want £4mn. for him and if for £4mn. we get a defender close to as good as Martin Laursen, then it's a steal, but is he close to that good? I doubt it.

The next new rumour for today was found on SkySports and it's all about the French born, Turkish international Mevlut Erdinc, who currently plays for FC Sochaux in Ligue 1 in France.

I've got to be honest, I don't know much about him but according to his Wikipedia page, he's scored 27 goals in 55 appearances and yes, he is a striker.

I have no doubt we'll see more rumours tomorrow, but for today, that is your lot. I'm off to watch a film.