The time travelling CEO, penny drops for Roy Keane and the prospect of an old school spanking at the weekend at the hands of Manchester United

How bad can something really be if nobody from the future is coming back to change things? How do we know that Tom Fox isn't that man from the future and he is here knowing exactly what he has to do to help Aston Villa become great again.

I'm secretly convinced that Tom Fox is from the future. He's had a word with Paul Lambert and told him what he's got to do to get the football on track and to make Aston Villa great again. Him saying top six is just his way of telling us sixth is coming because he knows.

And maybe we're all wrong and know nothing and this weekend we're going to see the football all come together. I feel like a right mug sometimes, but I'd swear I just saw Tom Fox appear for a split second, give me the thumbs up and then vanish again, so maybe I'm doing something right.

Manchester United

But it's not about the future, or Roy Keane and Tom Cleverley for that matter. And I only mention these two because they're Manchester United and because the story came out last night that Keane thinks it is Cleverley who told the reporter about the Gabby bust up. I mean, stupid people and all that or do I mean a penny actually dropped. It was the reporter for the Daily Mail that covers Manchester City and Manchester United!

I'm talking in riddles a little today as we had a Christmas party at work last night and it's been a good year so we had fun. And this isn't me leading to the Aston Villa Christmas party or the rumours that are doing the rounds. This is me just telling you why I'm a little here and there today. And why we should get to the match.

You see, Manchester United are basically hitting form at exactly the right time and we play them at a time when even the training matches are ending in draws. It could get messy this weekend and despite everything, not even blind optimism helps at times like this. I'm not saying we're going to lose, I'm just saying I find it hard to even pretend we can win this one.

And if you don't read this blog that often or you're a Manchester United fan you probably think this is really sad but the truth is, we're pretty awful and have been for a while. There was hope this manager would turn it around and maybe if he had a lot more money he'd do better, but at the same time, he's spent an awful lot of money and five players that were at the club when he took over started at the weekend, despite him trying to replace many of them on more than one occasion.

I'm going to watch on Saturday and there will be updates, but I'm warning you now, it could get messy and even though the manager has the perfect excuse lined up (we all know what it will be and that he'll use it) I fancy there might be a shift towards him this weekend that might be too much of a shift for it to come back. Sadly, I don't think the Holte End has the power it once had and I don't think we've got an owner or CEO that actually really knows what it's all about.

At times like this, I'd just really like the time travelling CEO to pick me up and take me to Sunday. I'm going for a hair of the dog.