Paul Lambert can not afford for Aston Villa to lose at Southampton

It's not that I'm moving on from Saturday as quickly as I can on purpose, it's that we actually have a game on Wednesday and it's quite an important one.

It's important because Southampton appointed a new manager last January and in a short period of time last season he changed them from a fairly Aston Villa style of football into a European challenging side style of football.

Under Nigel Adkins, you knew what you were going to get. Under Mauricio Pochettino you get that and some. It's an important game, because Lambert has fallen behind this manager and Lambert has a larger net spend too.

And there is a feeling going around that Lambert doesn't have a plan. I saw a post this morning about negativity and you wouldn't believe the amount of tweets I've seen since Saturday suggesting he needs to change things and quickly.

More than three points

And that is why it's a big and important match. The sad thing is that some would be happy if we went to Southampton and managed a point. Truth is, we're so far behind Southampton at the moment, I'm one of them.

And I wouldn't be surprised if we were beaten, which is a sad state of affairs, but it's the norm for Aston Villa supporters. But you will get 9/2 on us to win and that price is quite appealing, because we can get lucky. In fact, we're due to get lucky.

But if Lambert doesn't get something, there will be a turning against him. I'm not for that yet and think he should get this season and some of the next, to show us he knows how to play football, but when you look at the likes of Pochettino who has got Southampton playing a certain way already, it does make you wonder.

More on the game on Wednesday and something nice for you tomorrow. Something I think you'll all be interested in. And I've not even made a joke about Tom Daley.

But before I go: Benteke

A lot has been written about Benteke this morning and yesterday and I just want to throw my two cents in. He might very well be not at 100% since his injury and I suspect not having Gabby and Weimann at 100% doesn't help him, but in fairness, if he isn't at 100% he shouldn't be played.

But I do think he's off and that could be January or next summer. I just think he's had his head turned and well, it sort of doesn't bother me. He handed in a transfer request in the summer; that for me speaks volumes.

But I do hope he finds his form again and I do hope he comes good for us. Not only do we need the goals, but if he starts scoring again his value will go up. Right now, it's dropping faster than a stone. No conspiracy theories please. Like a light.

Lastly, I'm going to start cracking down on abusive language and what can only be described as not very nice behaviour to other users. This will ultimately result in bans and blocks. You have been warned.