Manchester City prediction, Benteke the beast and the simple truth

Well, turns out that international game wasn't so bad after all. I didn't see it but I saw the goals and how about that for a lesson in what is possible?

But that isn't the point of the post. We have a big match this weekend and it just happens to be a 3pm kick off on a Saturday; how nice.

And you know what, I've seen some opinion this week still looking for reasons why we lost against Manchester United; blaming defenders, blaming the midfield. Hell, I was surprised I didn't see someone blaming Benteke, who it turns out, is a beast.

But the simple truth is we played Manchester United, trying to play a new way of football and nobody can say the football we are seeing this season isn't new. Masked behind that truth is that things take time.

But transition is no excuse

Which also means, if we lose this weekend, the only excuse that will work is that Manchester CIty are better than us. On the day.

Look where Manchester City have come from for the perfect example of how quickly things can change. Sure, we might not have the money to compete with them player wise, but spending the most money isn't the only way to progress. It might be the quickest, but there are other ways.

With the right manager, there is another way. I'm not saying Lambert is the right manager, I'm saying the football is more pleasing this season but buying success is never going to be as gratifying as working at it and doing it in an almost honest, hard working way.

Manchester City

But, I'm listening to a great album listening to this and I'm in a great mood, looking for positives. One day the game will be fixed, the playing field will be level and it wont be amount how much money you've got but about desire. It will be about who wants it more. But then, maybe we'll see some roper tackles and the tooth fairy too.

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I'm going to put my head on the block and say we wont lose. Manchester City are no Manchester United and I think we will score one or two, maybe, you never know, more. But they will score too, of that we can be certain, but in life and football, everything is possible and I'm going to have a cheeky fiver on a score draw.

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