Down to the wire: A look at Spurs and the Alex McLeish way

Spurs had a good result last night and they've basically put themselves in pole position for fourth spot, which actually, isn't very good for us. You see, Newcastle are going to go all out on Sunday to beat or get something against Manchester City and that is only going to intensify Spurs to make sure they get a result against us.

But it could be all over this weekend. If we win, or even get a point, we could be mathematically safe. Hell, we could even lose and be basically pretty much assured of survival on the basis of our goal difference. We could lose the next two and stay up.

The Alex McLeish way

And this was always the case - we are staying up because there are worse teams than us. Not because we are a good footballing side, but because there are worse sides than us. And again, don't blame the players for this. They believe what they have to believe, but they are not in the right place and they are not playing the right way and that is, yes you guessed it, the Alex McLeish way.

I also don't think the cub will get rid of McLeish after the Spurs match, if we are either mathematically safe or basically assured of not dropping into the bottom three. I think, they'll keep him on for Norwich. Call it a respect thing.

But I could be wrong. If we are mathematically safe on Sunday afternoon, which I know, is asking a lot, he could be gone by Sunday evening. It would be refreshing and it would give MacDonald the last game and a week to get his thinking across, but that is also why I think they might wait. Out of respect.

To the match

I think I've said all I need to say about the match. Spurs are playing for fourth spot. We are playing for a point. Or to think about it in the 'McLeish Way', we are playing not to lose. If we get that, I'd be very surprised. I hate writing this next bit, but I fully expect us to lose at the weekend and if that happens, we have to and this is an even worse thing to write about Aston Villa, hope results go the right way for us.

Other matches

Hand on heart, I didn't see Roy getting the England job but I'm very pleased that he has. I think he is a solid choice and as good as Redknapp, if not better, in that particular job. He has more experience and he knows the players. But, him taking that job and West Brom assured of Premier League football next season means Bolton might have an easy go at it on Sunday. I fancy Bolton will win this match now.

QPR play Stoke and yes, anything can happen and whatever I've written before is going to be different to what I'm writing now and I'll probably change my mind again, but Stoke could win this just as easily as QPR could. The thing is, Stoke are not the best away from home, so I'm predicting a draw for this match.

If Bolton win and QPR draw, anything but a win for us means it goes to the last game of the season. How sad is that, even though it would need QPR beating Manchester CIty by five and us losing to Norwich by four?

But, if we win .. it is a massive if, but if we do and results go our way, we get to breath a little easier. It would just be horrible if it went to the last game of the season, but quite fitting for McLeish.