Best to forget, the numbers and a glimmer of hope as QPR come to Villa Park

Sometimes it is best to forget so after my next paragraph, I'm going to forget yesterday. I'm not going to start looking for excuses, blame the players or the opposition - we all know where the blame sits, I'm just going to forget. After the next paragraph.

The thing that really got be about yesterday is this: if all you are going to do is sit back, defend and hope to steal something on the counter attack, for the love of all that is holy, make sure you do it right. My point is; the first only works, if the second does. There is no point playing the first way if you can't successfully deliver the second which is why playing not to lose is the wrong thing to do in this league.

But I've forgotten all that now. It is just so ridiculously obvious this was going to happen that I really shouldn't be surprised or angry. Instead, we should turn our attention to QPR and you're not going to like this next part.

The numbers tell us something

Three games ago, I told you what match we would win, out of two. It was either Wolves or QPR, because this manager wins once every four games. The outlook for tomorrow QPR is therefore not positive. The outlook for tomorrow QPR is a draw.

You see, when all around you are losing heads and perspective, you have to rely on the numbers. Sure, there is a chance we could win and sure there is a chance we could lose, but the likelihood is a draw, even though QPR are a five places and seven points below us.

So, that is my preview. I'd like to talk to you about other things surrounding the match, but we have little else to really talk about that doesn't then take us into the realms of blind optimism, other than, I suppose, Robbie Keane. So I guess I end it on him.

Keane to be the hero?

There is one glimmer of hope that might save the blushes against tomorrow QPR and it's only because he isn't listening to the manager and he is doing his thing and how do I know this? Simple. You don't bring a player in for a few games, pay him £500,000 and then try to get him to play our way.

What you do when you spend that money for a few games is let him do whatever it is you think that amount of money is worth with a player that has proven himself at this level time and time again. You don't try and train Robbie Keane - you let him do what he does, because he knows what he is doing.

A glimmer and some odds

There is then, a chance. There is a glimmer of hope. It isn't blind optimism and it leaves this post with something positive to think about. If the real Robbie Keane turns up and he is on a big score bonus, then I think we can win, but if someone else turns up or he isn't given the freedoms of Villa Park, then anything could happen, but like I said, most likely a draw. Odds below. Bet sensibly.