Aston Villa v Southampton: Another six pointer

Because we find ourselves a point from the relegation zone over half way through the season, when we play a side that is also on the edge of the relegation zone, it becomes a six pointer.

It's sad that we have to think like that. But I'm writing that quite a lot these days. Things are not as they used to be. Things are not as they should be.

And now we have Southampton coming to Villa Park and it's a match we should be going into with confidence, but we're going into it after getting stuffed by Bradford.

Would you be happy with a draw?

And with Southampton comes what? Does anyone feel confident? Does anyone expect three points?

Would you be happy with our Football Club drawing with Southampton? It's a serious question after the results we had of late. I think I might be relieved. I think, if we picked up a point, I might convince myself that we had stopped the rot.

It's not a nice thought and if we win, that is all I'm going to think too, so I guess, a draw would be a good result. But surely, three points is expected, isn't it?

Only one way to go

The thing about how we have played recently is something has to give. We have to hope that the players figure out that the performances can't get any worse, so they play with a little more freedom and hopefully they respond with desire.

If that doesn't happen, then the other thing that has to give is the manager. That isn't a nice thought, but I'm fairly confident that it is something that Lerner has discussed.

So, regardless of what happens, we can not get any worse and things can only get better.

What a Corker

Before I leave my ramblings for today, a little mention of a new football magazine focusing on the most enchanting aspects of our beautiful game - opinionated fans and great goals.

It isn't a magazine in production at the moment but it is a Kickstarter project that you can help fund and become a reality. I like the idea and I like that we can fund it and be part of making it happen.

So, read more about it here and if you think funding it is a nice idea, you can for as little as £2 and if it doesn't reach it's funding goal, you don't pay.