Aston Villa v Manchester United: A daunting preview and a bold prediction

I don't know how to approach this match with confidence, so instead I go with bold and blind optimism and I think we will get something out of this game. I've just got a feeling - don't ask me why, but we all do. There is a part in each of us that believes we can get something out of this game.

You could even say there is a part of all of us that thinks we can win this game. Look at Crystal Palace - they beat Manchester United - so why can't we?

Try to remember the match last season and the impressions made by the likes of Hogg, Bannan and Albrighton.

Nobody gave us a chance before that game and we were so unlucky not to win - in the first half we dominated Manchester United and it was only the last ten minutes that saw us throw it away and that draw was the difference between ninth and eighth last season. Everything is possible.

Waking up

The thing is, when you wake up from the dream and you consider all facts, it could be a messy day tomorrow. When was the last time Manchester United lost tow games in a row? Then, when was the time before that. I know it happens, but it isn't often.

You also have to consider that McLeish is likely to put ten men behind the ball for a lot of the game. Sure, we will try for the first few minutes at the start of each half, but if we don't get our foot over the ball and try to keep it, we could be overrun and if we sit back and invite Manchester United into our half, there are few better teams at dominating and exploiting that invitation.

Throw into the mix that there is a good chance of seeing the odd banner showing displeasure towards the manager - if he tries to mix it up and attack, it could all backfire on him as it isn't something they are used to doing.

Ninety minutes, odds and what could happen

I know I keep writing this next bit and it is becoming a theme - desperate hope - but it does come down to ninety minutes and anything can happen and we could really surprise.

If we don't and the results go the way of the bookmakers, we could find ourselves in 10th place before kick off and it could get worse if we get a spanking. But I shouldn't get too worried about what might happen. We could win and if you think we can, check out the odds below - you might have a great Saturday night.