Aston Villa player hashtags, Liverpool on Saturday and bet of the weekend

A few weeks ago I predicted seven points from the opening three games and I've got to stand here and tell you I was wrong. We came close and even though I feel a little cheated out of my prediction, that's football and it happens.

But we could get six points from the opening three games, especially if we play like we did against Arsenal and Chelsea. But I don't mean we play exactly like that, because we're at home and we have to approach this game a little differently.

Liverpool need to be put on the back foot from the off and for the next 90 minutes. If we do that and play the same way, as if we're always on the counter attack, then I'm convinced we'll win.

The good old days are gone

Liverpool are not the team they once were and I know I've written that before, but they're not. Seventh last season and eighth the season before. But I sort of feel sorry for their supporters because they've been sold down a river and now they accept that as par for the course. But it's all part of the great American PR machine that they are so part of now.

Hell, the PR machine is so part of the English game now and we know more than most. I even wrote in my season preview post that it's a process and that we should be happy with eighth this season.

But this is why we can beat Liverpool this weekend; results don't really matter anymore. The players and supporters of Liverpool know they are not going to win the league and because of that, they're not going to have the same fight or determination.

But at the moment, some of them think that they have a chance for top four, but that will be gone in a few weeks, so they'll start with hope. And hope is a dangerous thing that can cause us trouble, so we have to be on our game and we have to go at them for ninety minutes.

And yes, there is a chance that some of the players will be tired, but we have a big break coming up with plenty of time to recuperate and these three matches would have been planned for, so fitness shouldn't be a concern. It could also possibly be argued that with the extra game under our belt, we should be a little sharper.

Prediction and bet of the weekend

So with all that said and done and not enough about the referee we had against Chelsea, because we have to move on, here comes my prediction; a home win.

It's not that we couldn't just as easily lose to Liverpool, it's that I think the atmosphere on Saturday is going to be huge and I think our players are going to come out with instructions to have a real go at Liverpool.

I also think we are a much better side right now than we were at this time last season or any time during the first half of last season. I think we have a much better understanding of what we are trying to do, we have some really great options throughout the squad and there is a belief.

Now, Liverpool have quality too and they also know what they're doing but we're at home and I've got a feeling that this season Villa Park is really going to become a tough place for sides to come and I think the support is going to play a big part of that. And I think it starts this weekend.

So, to my bet of the weekend and this is just too good not to have a bit of it. Two teams to win and some great odds; Fulham and Aston Villa. Fulham are at home to Arsenal and I fancy Fulham can win this and when you add it to the same slip as our match the combined odds are 13/1 - too good to be true and you can get those odds here.

Hashtag madness

Before I go, I'm collecting hashtags. We've got #fabulousdelph for Delph and #bishbashboshbenteke for Benteke. I'm looking for hashtags for the entire squad, so please leave your ideas below and while the hashtag for Guzan isn't set, I think we be using #guzanthegreat.

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