Aston Villa can do more than hurt Chelsea, we can play Chelsea the Chelsea way

It's nice to hear that Paul Lambert is confident ahead of the Chelsea match. Hell, he's making me confident and I think we can hurt them too.

I think we can go out there and I think we can really hurt them. I'm just worried that when we're trying to hurt them we don't get hurt. We don't need any hurt players.

You see, the next few games are important for us and we need the players to not be hurt. We need them to be available to play. But I'm looking forward to the battle.

We know we can hurt them because we’ve done it before. There will be a great atmosphere. There’s not many times when people don’t expect anything from you but everybody will think we’ll get turned over. But I also know we can hurt them and I think Chelsea do as well after the last game. It will be a really tough game, they’re one of the best teams in Europe, let alone England. We have to try and do our best and try and win.

But I'm not so sure we want to go out there and hurt them. I think we want to go out there and try to win.

Playing with words

I'm just playing, I know what Lambert means. We can hurt their chances. And we can. Anything is possible when it is 11 v 11 for ninety minutes and while they have players that can walk into any side in this league, we've got spirit and determination and we're playing for something. We're playing for pride.

And with that determination and desire, anything is possible. We can climb any mountain and we can stand up to whatever Chelsea throw at us. Actually, we could learn from Chelsea. We should park the bus tomorrow and play strikers at full back.

We should treat tomorrow as our Champions League semi-final because Chelsea are going to be all over us and it could get messy. But getting messy is good for us, you see when teams come at us like Chelsea are going to come at us, it's good for business.


I don't think it will be a draw tomorrow and I've got a feeling that Chelsea will have the majority of the ball and I'd not be surprised if we had just a handful of good opportunities. But I can't go into a game thinking we've not got a chance.

But I can't write that I think we're going to be beat Chelsea either. I think we can, because in 90 minutes anything can happen, but if Chelsea win they could go ten points clear. Hopefully that isn't an incentive and hopefully they think they're too good for us.

There you go, another prediction based on pure hope. But I'm going to have a fiver on us winning in the 4th round. We're not going to take a dive.

In the news

Samir Carruthers has been ruled for the rest of the season after suffering a serious knee injury on loan with MK Dons and Chris Herd, for personal reasons, is unavailable. And I know there are rumours about the Herd situation, but probably best not to speculate, it will come out in time.