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Aston Villa at Arsenal: Something is written in the stars

I don't know what to write about Arsenal. It's the supporters I feel sorry for. Every season the promise of new players that can bring them success and always at about the time season tickets go on sale.

Or they lose their best players and don't replace them. I can truly understand why so many people want to buy Arsenal and why so many people don't want to sell what they own.

It's a safe place to put your money and the return is fantastic. I'm secretly convinced that Arsène Wenger gets a huge bonus each year on the money he makes for them because for the life of me I can't understand why he doesn't go out there and bring in the players that we all see they need.

I mean, did anyone truly think they were interested in Rooney and Suarez and that either of those two players would want to play for Arsenal? Add to that, does anyone think Arsenal would pay what they make each week or what they could get somewhere else?

And here is the kicker that most Arsenal fans will disagree with but it's actually the truth; Arsenal are the next rung on the ladder for us and it's the team we should aspire to be like.

And unless Arsenal truly strengthen then they could be the next Liverpool. And we all know that Spurs will strengthen if they get that top four place. And that is why there is a chance of something this weekend for us.

Aston Villa at Arsenal

The thing is about what I wrote above, we are still one or two rungs below them on the ladder and that means, while there is a chance for us tomorrow, the smart money will be on Arsenal. But 15/2 for us to win is a great price and you can get those odds by clicking here.

And I wont go man to man and say why I think it's possible we can win, but when I looked up last night, I thought I saw the stars telling me we were going to. You see, there are more and more supporters getting annoyed at Arsenal and in particular, the person they think that isn't spending the money, Wenger.

Arsenal supporters all bought into the promises again this summer only to see nothing happen. I think what I read in the stars last night was that we were going to win and the the very first game of a new season at Arsenal is going to end in boos for the home side.

Arsenal fans, much like Arsenal the football club are on the brink and because of that, I can see the headlines on Sunday morning all talking about what Arsenal need to do and maybe, fingers crossed, how we could be the surprise package this season.

But Arsenal are the clear favourites for tomorrow and they scored for fun at times last season and this is only a blog post. But if we play like we know we can and like we did at times towards the end of last season, then who knows.

We need a good start to the season and we have some tough fixtures coming up. A good result tomorrow would set us up perfectly and it is just eleven against eleven. Anything is possible.


And with all that written, I know turn to hope and blind optimism to predict we will win. I don't think we'll finish in the top four and I don't think we'll win any silverware this season. I think right now this season is over for us.

And even though I know that, I'm still going to follow my team, it's what we do and one day, it will get fixed. One day, Arsenal fans will wake up at the start of the season and have hope that they can win it. And so will we.

So, knowing all this, it doesn't really matter that I turn to blind hope and predict that we will win tomorrow. It's written in the stars for me and those odds of 15/2 make it easy for me to put my money on it.

Competition and fantasy football

And before I go, don't forget about the competition on Facebook. Just guess the combined attendance of the nine matches this weekend for a chance to win. And lastly today, the fantasy football league; details here.